His Church His People

Founded by Jesus, On the Rock of St. Peter
His Church Universal, That leads us to Him.
She’s guiding us homeward, Through tradition and scripture.
Where we’ll praise His Glory, With the seraphim.

We are the people of God, We are many in color.
One in our faith, One communion with the Lord.
Our Holy Church, Came forth from His Grace.
His Spirit runs through us, We are one in accord.

We are all of one culture, We embrace every household.
We are apostles, Charged by the Lord.
Led by saints and martyrs, Doctors and virgins.
We all live in the Father, His love our reward.

We believe in the Father, We believe in the Son.
The Holy Spirit, Three persons in One.
We have His presence, In our Church, in our Sacraments.
We are privileged and proud, To sing of His Church out loud.

Lord bless the founders, Who hung the first door
They brought St. Theresa, To be with her Lord
As these walls were raised, The Lord entered in.
He’s here with us now, Through love and through sin.

Thank You Lord for the sacraments, We’ve shared in this place
Thank You for our people, Who live by Your grace
Thank You for Your Holy Priests, Who’ve guided the way
Our Lord and our Shepard, We thank You today.

Copyright: Mick Butorac