About Mick

Mick was born the sixth of seven children to a devout Catholic family in Chicago, Illinois. He had an inclination to play and sing music from an early age. His mother sang and playing the organ. His father was gifted on the harmonica, and older siblings were always playing contemporary music albums around the house.

His first instrument was the ukulele which he began to play at the age of seven. Mick is self taught and now plays numerous instruments. He started songwriting as a young teen and began playing professionally in high school. He has played in many rock/blues groups that have featured his song compositions.

He’s had many studio recording sessions, which included the renowned Chess Studio in Chicago. Legendary blues musician Muddy Waters was having a recording session at Chess during the same time as Mick. Muddy heard Mick play and sing as he watched from the control room. He told the sound engineer “That boy has something special.” Although Mick has had opportunities for commercial success in the secular music industry, this was not what the Holy Spirit had intended.

Years later Mick answered the call of the Holy Spirit to serve God with the gift he had been given.

Mick had not been active in the church for an extended period. He became a “revert”, due to his wife Theresa, and the inspiration of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. He began to volunteer in the Music Ministry, playing and singing at Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church in the mid 90s. In the late 90s he was offered the position of Director of Music Ministries. He currently holds that position.

As a runner up to the World Youth Day song competition in 2005, he was invited to Cologne Germany, where he performed via closed circuit video for Pope Benedict. His performance was broadcast on German television.

He charges his spiritual life with frequent trips to Italy, always including his favorite cities Assisi, Rome and the Vatican. He also finds comfort, spiritual growth, and musical inspiration, in the Holy Land.

In addition to his duties at church, he continues to compose music, and has been a music instructor for the past thirteen years.

He is married to Theresa, has a son Mountain and his wife Christina, and two granddaughters, Amelia and Lily.

Mick endeavors to have the light shine on Christ, and hopefully bring people to Christ through his music.