The Music

There are thirty-three songs in the Holy Land Project. When the project began that number was not my intention. However, as I researched, and chose the song topics, thirty-three emerged and became the natural total. This of course was Jesus’ age at His death and resurrection. Several of the titles were written prior to visiting the Holy Land, but the majority were written after coming home from pilgrimage in June 2019.

The genre of the music varies widely. I wrote the songs as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. That being said, I didn’t record the songs with a predetermined style or sound in mind.

Hopefully, the songs, will become a part of your faith journey, and bring you closer to Christ.

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Lyrics and audio sample at the link below.
  1. Over Sacred Walls
  2. Mary, Rose of Saint Anne
  3. Hurry Hurry Hurry
  4. The Magnificat
  5. Ready the Way
  6. Holy Night in Bethlehem
  7. Shepherds’ Song
  8. Glorious Saint Joseph
  9. Baptism of the Lord
  10. Forty Days
  11. Cana
  12. The Beatitudes
  13. Mary Magdalene
  14. Capernaum
  15. Pilgrims on the Shore
  16. The Boat Song
  17. The Lord’s Prayer
  18. Caesarea Philippi
  19. The Transfiguration of the Lord
  20. Follow Me
  21. Going Up the Mountain
  22. Dominus Flevit
  23. The Last Supper
  24. Night in Gethsemane
  25. Before the Cock Crows
  26. Via Dolorosa
  27. The Seven Last Words
  28. The Resurrection
  29. Chapel of the Angel
  30. The Ascension
  31. Come Holy Spirit
  32. Dormition Abbey
  33. This is the Holy Land