Pilgrims on the Shore

It was here at the Harp shaped Sea of Galilee, that Jesus found His first disciples, fisherman. The shores today have changed very little from the time when Jesus walked them. Around these waters Jesus began His public ministry and performed miracles. It is also known as Lake Tiberias and Sea of Kinneret.

Matthew 4: 18-22, Luke 5: 1-11, Mark 6: 45-52

Audio Sample

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Praying on the shore of Galilee
Like thousands of pilgrims, who came before me
I fall to my knees, The water is cold
I seek your peace, you seek my soul

This place gives me strength, To live your command
And carry your cross, throughout every the land
Spreading the word, the light from above
Mercy and grace, Your most divine Love

The waves flow in calm, Fishes dart and play
Birds float above, Some swim in your bay
The sun peaks around, the earth you have made
An orange ball of fire, Brings life to our day

The waves come to rest, Calmed by your command
You heal our hurts, With the touch of your hand
You offer blessings, And fishes and bread
Food for our souls, And the journey ahead

Keep my eyes on you, and I shall not drown
With my faith in you, I will not sink down
Reach out your hand, and I will be saved
Through you I am strong, and humbled and brave

And when life storms, stir up this sea
I’ll look to you, I know where you’ll be
Calming the winds, smoothing the waves
Your word alone, gives shelter and saves

Your love alone will wash over me
On the Sea of Galilee
On the Sea of Galilee
On the Sea of Galilee