Dormition Abbey

The Church of the Dormition is located on the hill of Mount Zion, the highest point in Old Jerusalem. Tradition indicates this place as the location where the Virgin Mary “fell asleep” and was assumed into heaven. Although some will argue that Mary was at Ephesus when she died, early historical sources and tradition, concur the location was Jerusalem.

Audio Sample

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Favored by our Father eternal
Full of grace you knew not sin
Your yes changed our world forever
Jesus came and His love entered in

When your holy life on earth was done
You fell asleep and went home to your son
You awoke in heaven with our king
A just reward your praises we will sing

Lady of Grace
Star of the Sea
Mother of Jesus Christ
Mother most Pure
Mystical Rose
Refuge of sinners
Rose ever Blooming
Saint Mary

Tabernacle of God
Virgin most Merciful
Lead us to our treasure everyone
To Heaven
To our Father
To the Holy Spirit
And to your Son