The Ascension of Our Lord

The footprints in Ascension Chapel

The Ascension of the Lord took place 40 days after Easter. The location of the Ascension is currently on property that is part of a mosque. Although we cannot visit the actual site as it is covered by a small structure, we should rejoice in knowing that it did occur here in Jerusalem.

Luke 24: 50-51

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The disciples of Jesus
Met Him on the Mount
Gathered on the mount
They met him on the mount
Where He said authority of heaven and the earth
Had been given to Him

He told them they would
Receive the power
The supernatural power
Of the Holy Spirit
And to share this gift to the ends of the world
Go forth and make disciples

Go baptize in the name of the Father
The name of the Son
And the Holy Spirit
Teach all to observe the way
And to keep all His commands

Lifting up His hands
He blessed all of them
His Devoted Friends
He blessed them
Saying I’ll be with you until the end
Until the end of time

A cloud came low and took Him up
To heaven above
Took Him up
Where he rules and sits at the right hand
The hand of God the Father

From thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead
The flock he has fed
The living and the dead
His kingdom will survive and move ahead
Until the end of time

This was His last appearance among men
Our Lord our Word our friend
Now he must ascend
We wait in faith hope and charity
Until he comes again