The church in Cana

Jesus, a few of his disciples, and his mother Mary attended the wedding at Cana in Galilee. This was the scene of Jesus’ first miracle. He turned water into wine. Servants were the first to see a miracle by our Lord.

John 2: 1-11

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The Lamps were lit and the room was fit
With green branches and flowers and wreathes
The tables complete rich dishes to eat
Fruits and bread and cheese
The musicians played in harmony
A tune of joy so fine
The wedding feast at Cana
Where water was turned into wine

The guests were merry and carefree
They rejoiced with the bride and groom
Jesus and Mary, and His Disciples
Exalted in that room
But Jesus knew tonight
He stepped toward immortality
With the miracle at Cana
His road would turn toward Calvary

When the wine was failing
Mary with compassion told her son
Jesus respectfully told her
“My hour has not yet come”
But His miracles were about to begin
As His mother with all faith replied
“Do whatever He tells you”
And the servants did abide

Six jars were filled with water
Filled up to the brim
Servants were the first to see
A miracle by Him
The waters blushed when they saw God
And became the finest wine
The guests celebrated through the night
Until the sun did shine

Marriage is the covenant bond
God desires for His chosen ones
And He is present at every wedding
Father Spirit and Son
This miracle was His first
After which His spirit blossomed like a bud
First the water was turned to wine
And then the wine into His blood