This is the Holy Land

This song celebrates the Holy Land. The soil where God chose to enter into into our lives. The place where Jesus was born, lived, loved, interacted with us, and died. Realm of our fathers, home to the prophets and home to Jesus.

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Realm of our fathers
Home to the prophets
Holy men and women
Tested by time
Through conflict and peace
Cursed and yet forgiven

Prophets of old
Their visions unfold
Bring us to understand
This is the place
Where God showed His face
This is the Holy Land

Many have fought
Many have died
In body and in spirit
Yet many have lived
To learn of Gods love
Both see the word and hear it

God spoke to prophets
Jesus to all
The spirit entered as planned
This is the place
Of Gods saving grace
This is the Holy Land

Mountains on high
Desert below
Valleys of emerald green
Nets full of fish
Cool rivers flow
Splendor fit for a king

God chose this soil
This people and time
To enter into our history
He gave of himself
He gave His son
To illuminate the mystery

Here Jesus walked
Ate, laughed, and talked
His sandals stirred this sand
Our shepherd is near
His presence is here
This is the Holy Land

This is the Holy Land

This is the Holy Land